How to Safely Backup Your PS4 Hard Drive

Depending on your internet speed, the file download and drive switch combined shouldn’t take you more than 15-20 minutes. Just insert the drive, then in the PS4 menu go to settings > application saved data management > saved data in system storage. It took us a good 20 minutes or so to do all our files. The PlayStation 4 supports a variety of third-party hard drives that replace the standard 500GB 5400 RPM SATA II hard drive included in the system. Here you’ll see an option to copy your saves to a USB drive.

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How Can A Good Thermal Paste Increase Security?

Thermal paste helps strengthen the encryption of your CPU, have you ever read or heard this claim before? As for me and in full honestly I have not. In fact this is not true at all as there is no relationship between thermal pastes and encryption in any way, but I’m making a post on this issue just to waste my and your time in this crap. So I advise you not to continue reading because you will get really bored. So back to our topic, thermal paste and encryption. How can this be possible? And how can a thermal paste increase the encryption of your CPU? This is what you might not understand at all in your life.