The Basics Of Thermal Grease

Thermal grease consists of a polymerizable liquid matrix and large volume fractions of electrically insulating, but thermally conductive filler. Typical matrix materials are epoxies, silicones, urethanes, and acrylates, although solvent-based systems, hot-melt adhesives, and pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes are also available. Aluminum oxide, boron nitride, zinc oxide, and increasingly aluminum nitride are used as fillers for… Read more The Basics Of Thermal Grease

Crucial M4 SSD Review

In this review PCSTATS will be testing the 256GB Crucial M4 SSD, a 6Gb/s SATA III drive rated by the manufacturer for read speeds of up to 500MB/s and write speeds of 260MB/s (sequential). Crucial’s M4 SSD uses 25nm MLC NAND Flash and the same Marvell controller that Intel relies on in several of its… Read more Crucial M4 SSD Review

Intel SSD 330 Review

Earlier this year Intel introduced its second SandForce based SSD: the Intel SSD 330. While Intel had previously reserved the 5xx line for 3rd party controllers, the 330 marks the first time Intel has used something other than its own branded controller in a mainstream or 3-series drive. I don’t doubt that I’ll eventually get… Read more Intel SSD 330 Review

SanDisk Extreme II Review

The SanDisk Extreme II solid-state drive (SSD) has a lot more going for it than just being 2.5mm thinner than the previous SanDisk Extreme. In my testing, the new and trim SSD offered fast performance, comparable to that of even the fastest consumer-grade SSDs, while costing well less than $1 per gigabyte. The drive can… Read more SanDisk Extreme II Review