Different types of thermal compounds may confuse users

When trying to building your own computer system, a CPU thermal paste is an essential element in the whole process. You have to opt for the best paste available in the market if you aim at constructing a high-end ultimate gaming computer that runs at a high speed level.

Applying the right thermal paste on CPU surface

Building a PC is a many-step process, but one in particular stands out as being intimidating to first-timers: properly mounting a CPU and cooler. Heat management is important to consider when constructing or maintaining your computer. When trying to use a thermal paste in between CPU and heat-sink surface, you’ll need first to clean both surfaces in order to make sure nothing will impede the transition of heat between the two items. So my brand new rig is going to arrive tomorrow but unfortunately I forgot to order thermal paste with it. Why? Too much heat can spell death for your sensitive components, and if you’re overclocking it’s even more of an issue.

applying a good thermal paste on the cpu surface will enhance its performance

Which thermal paste to choose

I did go and order it the same night, but unfortunately it looks like it got delayed so it’s not going to be here for a few more days. Because, generally speaking, that one little cpu chip is simultaneously the smallest, most delicate, and most expensive part of your system. The best heat sink compound can keep your CPU cool enough to carry out heavyweight and resource-demanding applications seamlessly. Knowing how to apply thermal paste correctly is one of the foundations of proper computer cooling. I was just wondering if I would be able to build my comp and run it for the few days without thermal paste? Mount the cooler wrong, or improperly apply the thermal paste and you’re looking at (at best) a drop in performance and system crashes, or (at worst) a $200 disaster. You can read more on thermal adhesive materials in order to expand your knowledge about thermal pastes and how they work.

make sure to use a top-notch thermal compound if you're serious about your computer overall performance

Cooling down High Temperature of CPU and GPU

Follow this guide to learn how. I do have a Zalman CPU cooler coming along with my other parts, so I OBVIOUSLY wouldn’t just be running my cpu uncooled. (Yes, I’ve seen the videos about what happens if you don’t have a cooler. But don’t worry! Choose the proper thermal paste. No, you NEED thermal paste on there. The way to cool down the increased temperature of both CPU and GPU caused by heavy workloads put on them can be done simply by picking a high quality thermal grease. It’s actually not terribly hard to install a new CPU, as long as you know what you’re doing. Most of the basic thermal grease compounds contain silicone and zinc oxide, while more expensive compounds contain excellent heat conductors such as silver or ceramic. Id order some. And so that you do know what you’re doing, we’ve put together a quick primer on installing a new CPU. The advantage to the silver or ceramic thermal grease is that you will have a more efficient heat transmission.